The most powerful online voter targeting. Simplified. 



Always on. Always accessible. In just a few simple steps, you can advertise to the voters that matter most in your area.



Increase engagement with video and banner display ads. Run multi-channel campaigns across personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones.



Target by party affiliation, voting frequency, political districts, and demographics using real (not modeled) voter registration data.



Comprehensive, on-demand performance reports so you can determine the best value for your daily advertising budget.


RMSi Direct features:


Powerful Voter Targeting


Patented Political Segments

Using the National Online Voter File® and our patented voter targeting technology, we can target specific voter segments by party affiliation, voting frequency (including the number of primaries and general elections voted), donor history, and political geographic segments including congressional district, 
State Senate district, and State House district.

Campaign Reporting

Get on-demand access to your campaign performance, allowing you to personally monitor progress and results. Key campaign metrics and performance indicators are regularly updated to provide you the ability to track changing online behavior throughout your campaign.

Build Your Ideal Audience

Our data scientists have built a best-in-class data warehouse to target and segment your audience. Targetable attributes include political geography, party affiliation, age, gender, voting frequency, military status, and donation history.

Advertise Anywhere

Using our authoritative data and patented online targeting platform, we deliver the right message to the right person on the right screen at the right time.