We work with organizations, candidates and companies across the country to win campaigns, communicate with voters and influence decision makers. 

Our team will design a campaign that uses the right medium to share a message that is rooted in research. Here's some of the organizations, companies and nonprofits we have served. 




Our team offers extensive campaign and advocacy experience. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you craft a digital advertising strategy that meets voters and constituents where they are. 

We’ll review your research, seek to understand your voters and help you tell your story online. We work comprehensively to ensure our digital ads are a part of your overall campaign strategy--integrated with television, mail and earned media




Ami Bera for Congress

In a close race, margins matter. Reaching 262,000 voter devices. 3.1M impressions.

Victory by 1,432 votes.



Faced with a challenge from a former member of Congress in a race that was rated a “pure toss up” by the Rothenberg political report, RMSi worked with AL Media and Anzalone Liszt Grove Research on a plan that targeted segments of potential dropoff voters. We knew early on in 2014 that influencing turnout, even by a small margin, would be key to re-electing Dr.  Ami Bera.


Our team identified six different voting groups we needed to push to the polls early and on election day. With a focus on low turnout Democrats within specific demographic target, we served digital ads that reached voters online before television buys and mirrored what they were seeing in the mail. RMSi targeted hispanic voters and other key constituency groups through display and pre-roll ads on their mobile devices, a strategy that matched voter usage patterns.  Altogether, RMSi served over 3.1M impressions online and reached voters on 262,000 unique devices.


After several days and late nights, Congressman Bera was re-elected by 1,432 votes in one of the closest congressional races in the country.

Scott Wiener for California Senate -  Independent Expenditures



Our team of organizations and IEs worked with Applecart and pollster Dave Metz to determine the most effective approach to reaching voters with a critical message about our opponent before Election day.


The team at McNally Temple partnered with us to create one of the most memorable ads of the campaign, featuring Mauryne sharing her personal story. We oversaw a digital media program targeted toward Influential voters, those who talk with their friends about the election, and reached voters across smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. 


After holding a small lead in the polls leading up to election day, Scott Wiener produced an impressive, decisive win, particularly among early voters. 

Colorado YES on 107
and 108



Our team worked with Onsight Public Affairs to reach voters online through targeted pre-roll video, social media and display advertising. 


We set out to dominate communication to voters online and defeat opposition from both state Republican and Democratic parties. We reached likely voters statewide and a subset of young unaffiliated and democratic voters who were inclined to support the initiative but needed to be encouraged to vote down the ballot on a controversial initiative.


The overall digital media budget was substantially lower than television spending across markets statewide yet voters recalled the digital media ads a a higher rate, double the rate of voters who reported seeing television ads only. Both measures 107 and 108 were successful.